Product Details

WonderTECH powered by 37.5 enhances your performance with core temperature control. The result is a fabric that keep you warm when you're cold and cool when your hot. It also removes sweat you stay comfortable all day long. Millions of microporous particles have hte perfect combo of heat absorption and massive surface are to trap in moisture and keep you comfy--warm or cool! The Women's Tech Warm-Up Style Jacket has all that 37.5 has to offer plus a contoured shape to give you a modern and professional look. Deco flatlock stitching throughout garment. 2 stylized lower pockets. Double knit mesh convertible cuff. Double knit mesh side panels. Elastic along back hemline. 26.75" length (Size MD)

Fabric Content

53% Polyester, 44% Cocona Polyester, 3% Spandex

Wonderwink Scrubs WonderTech Women's Tech Warm-Up Style Jacket

Tech Warm-Up Style Jacket